Zion Tuition – Your Local Tuition Specialists

We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

You probably went through some challenges in core curriculum subjects when you were in school, and this may also be true for your child. If the teacher in the mainstream school raises some concerns that your child is not performing well in Math, Science and English, then you should enroll the child in our Tuition centre in Tottenham. Zion Tuition is committed to bringing out the best in your child when it comes to these subjects.

We keep our classes small for a good reason

We keep our classes small so each child can get the attention required from our tutors. Keeping the class small ensures that the tutor can come to each child and discuss areas where there may be a challenge. Mainstream classes may have a lot of children and this does not allow teachers to pay as much attention as required, especially in the difficult topics.

This is one of the reasons why we insist that parents should hurry and enroll their children since the spaces are limited.

We classify children in different age groups

In order to bring out the best in your children, we place them in different age groups. These are from ages 5 to 11 and ages 12 to 16.  This ensures that they pay attention in their different subjects accordingly. Our Tuition centre inTottenhamalso charges fees according to the age groups. The difference in fees is minimal so you should just go ahead and register your child.

We have a structured payment process

When you register your child, we insist that you sign a standing order form, which will be paid on the first day of every month. For the extra week in September you will not be required to add anything extra.

The fees that you pay cover everything that the child needs in terms of books, both exercise and text. We offer special discounts to parents who bring two or more children, who are siblings. The discount will only be applicable of the children take all three subjects.

We highly discourage parents from canceling once a child starts the program at the Tuition centre in Tottenham. Such disruptions will affect the performance of your child, and that is not our goal here. We want your child to attend regularly so you can start seeing tangible results.

We have always succeeded

Zion tuition was started more than 12 years ago and we have always had success in all the children who pass through our Tuition centre in Tottenham. The performance has always changed drastically for the better, and some teachers even comment of the same to parents. We have had a very high success rate and we are proud of it. So this is the time to bring your child to the Tuition centre in Tottenham and let them excel in the core curriculum subjects.

Simply get in touch with our admissions desk of register online and your child will be part of our successful Tuition centre in Tottenham.