Zion Tuition – Your Local Tuition Specialists

We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

If you are a parent in Hackney, then you understand that sometimes a child may have problems with certain core curriculum subjects such as Math, English and Science. A child whose parents have just immigrated to the United Kingdom may have problems speaking proper English or understanding the lessons in class. That is why Zion Tuition started a Tuition centre in Hackney, so that we can help children to excel in Math, English and Science.

Our history

For more than 12 years, we have helped children of ages 5 to 16 excel in the core curriculum subjects. We give them the right attention and help them overcome any challenges that they may have in these subjects. The children are grateful for our tuition program as you can see in the testimonials gives. The grades have improved by a great margin.

Parents too are happy with the Tuition centre in Hackney. It has seen them attend graduation ceremonies for children who had challenges in some subjects. The tuition center is not just for challenging subjects, but also for those who just want to get much better and get the top marks in class. We have heard of parents who bring their children to our tuition center and within a few weeks, get called by a teacher in the mainstream school to be told that there is a marked improvement in the performance of the child. That is our pride and joy.

Requirements for attendance

The first is that you have to register your child and sign a standing order form. We do this to ensure that there is commitment from the parent, and the child gets continuity in the tuition. The standing order must be paid on the first of every month. There are special requirements for parents who register in the middle of the month and you have to call our admissions desk to get more information on the process to follow.

We offer discounts to parents who bring two or more children, but they must be siblings. Similarly, the discount will only be applicable is all three subjects of Science, Math and English are taken. The registration fee covers all text and exercise books that the child will use.

Children are grouped into two categories based on their ages, namely ages 5 to 11 and ages 12 to 16. The fees for these two categories are different, but not by a large margin.

What to expect

We give you or word and stake our reputation on the fact that you will see a marked improvement in the performance of your child. You will also expect to see a child who will suddenly be happy with the performance in school. There is no greater feeling than the satisfaction of knowing that your child actually wants to strive for success.

The Tuition centre in Hackney is one of the best in the United Kingdom, so  call us now and get your child enrolled. We keep our classes small so the child gets the attention required to excel.