Zion Tuition – Your Local Tuition Specialists

We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

The education of children is a very special obligation to every parent, and that is why you do everything to make sure that your child excels. A good education is a passport to a great life. When your child graduates from college and you realize that you gave them a way to live a wonderful life, you are filled with pride.

However, there are times that a child becomes challenged by some subjects in school, especially Math, Science and English. Yes, for children who are not native English speakers, the language can be a problem.

Thankfully, you can get a Tuition center in Enfield, which gives your child the best coaching that you can get in the United Kingdom. Zion Tuition is a centre that is open every Saturday for children to come and sharpen their skills in English, Science and Math. The centre has been giving these lessons to children of ages 5 to 16 for more than 12 years. WE have seen children excel and go on to graduate and live a great life.

Apart from children, adults can also enroll; at our tuition centre in Enfield, and get to improve their knowledge in these subjects. Most adults are people coming into the United Kingdom from other countries, to settle here. In order to fit in and communicate with the community, English is very important. If you are an immigrant, then you can come to our center and get the lessons that you need.

Looking at the testimonials that our former students have gives, you will realize that the quality of tuition that we give here is very high. Most have risen from getting average grades to getting the best and topping their classes. The merits that they get make them fell that Zion Tuition is definitely benefiting them.

You probably are wondering what all this will cost you. Well, given the quality of tuition that we give at our Tuition centre in Enfield, you are definitely getting a good deal. We have separate pricing for different age groups and will give you a discount if you register 2 or more children. The only condition, for obvious reasons, is that the children should be siblings. You cannot register cousins and claim the discount.

To make it easy for parents, and to ensure continuity, we ask that you fill standing order forms so there is no disruption in the tuition. We have certain payment structures – all fees are to be paid on the 1st of every month. The fees cover all text books and exercise books, so you do not have to worry about that. If you register in the middle of the month, then you should contact us directly so we give you instructions on the payment process, and then go back to the standing orders at the first of every month.

We are a serious tuition centre in Enfield and we want your child to be the best. Let us hold hands and work together to ensure that your child or children get the best schooling possible.