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Parent & Student Testimonies on Zion’s Specialist Tuition Classes

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Asna’s Success Story

“My name is Asna Rashid, currently in Year 9 (nearly 14 years old). I started Zion Tuition on the 20th of November 2004 and I am absolutely over the moon because I am doing so well! I got two merits on Algebraic Equations, five merits on coursework done on the Pythagoras Theorem, A1 in my Maths work and 90% in my last exam just before Christmas. I am definitely benefiting from Zion Tuition!”

All of these achievements in just two months! Mr. Vincent is the teacher who has been targeting Asna’s weak areas in Maths and hence, she is now reaping the benefits.

Elijah’s Success Story

A mother recently told Zion Tuition about the teachers excellent comments concerning her 10 year old son.

Elijah Mugbeh had just started attending the Saturday School and within one month his teacher at his mainstream school told his mother, Mrs Mugbeh, that Elijah had improved tremendously in all his subjects and particularly in his English.

His teacher at Zion Tuition, Ms Leah, has been working extremely hard using brilliant teaching methods in helping all her learners achieve.

Jennifer’s Success story

7 year old, Jennifer Weka started attending Zion Tuition hoping to do well again in maths.

According to her mother, Mrs Weka, Jennifer started off Reception being a star mathematician. However, over the past year, young Jennifer was not able to keep up to the usual high standards.

Worried about her daughter’s performance Mrs Weka heard about the Saturday School through her daughter’s mainstream school and decided to bring Jennifer to Zion Tuition. Within a month, Mrs Weka started noticing how confident her 7 year old started becoming in maths again and then her teacher at school also commented that Jennifer had reached the top group in maths again.

Both Mrs Weka and Jennifer were over the moon and thanked Zion Tuition for the success achieved.