Zion Tuition – Your Local Tuition Specialists

We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

Being an excellent student takes a lot of work. For some people, it is more challenging than before. It is personally disheartening to a child who wants to excel and simply cannot seem to get a grip on some subject areas. Math and Science can be difficult to most children, and English can be confusing especially to children whose parents have immigrated to the UK. It is for this reason that Zion Tuition started the Saturday school in Hackney to cater for these children.

Learn about us

Zion Tuition was started more than 12 years ago and has helped many children to excel in difficult subjects. We know how to give personalized attention to the children and bring out the best in them. The centers are structured such that children of different learning abilities are grouped together so the tutors can give the required attention to them.

Note that we are open throughout the year apart from a week in Christmas, Easter, July and August. This ensures that the learning for the children is continuous so their success is assured.

Grouping of children

We have children in 2 groups

  • Children aged 5 – 11
  • Children aged 12 – 16

This groping allows the required subjects to be taught with ease.


We have a price structure based on the groupings mentioned above. You get better rates when you pay for longer periods, such as monthly as opposed to weekly. You also get a discount when you register two or more children, but they must all be siblings. They also have to take all three subjects of Math, English and Science.

When you register the child, you will be given standing order forms and a Sort Code, which will ensure that fees are paid on the first day of the month. You should also call the administrator for more information on how you can pay by card if you register in the middle of the month. You are required to keep a deposit which will be forfeit should you cancel a booking.

Note that when you register, the fees that you pay will cover all learning materials that your child requires at the Saturday school in Hackney. All registration is done on Saturday 9:30 to 10:00am or 1.45 to 2:30pm.

WE do give great results

Our parents and students have always been happy with our Saturday school in Hackney. They always give glowing praise of the change in the child. Teachers in mainstream schools also talk about the results that we give. We only employ seasoned tutors and teachers from mainstream schools, so you can be sure that your child is having the best.

So if you are a parent who wants to see the child succeed in Math, English or Science, then you should enroll them in a Saturday school in Hackney right away. Call us if you need more information on our curriculum, class sizes and more. Hurry and make your booking now since our classes are small and the spaces are limited.