Zion Tuition – Your Local Tuition Specialists

We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

It is the graduation of your child, having excelled very well in college. You are filled with pride knowing that you gave your child the required support during the formative years of their schooling. This is the ideal situation and all parents wait eagerly for that day. However, when your child is young, you may realize that he or she has a problem in the core curriculum subjects of Math, Science or English. You do not have to fret, because our Saturday school in Enfield will help the child overcome any existing challenges.

Who are we?

Zion Tuition is a Saturday school in Enfield that has helped children excel in Math, English and Science for more than 12 years. Our approach ensures that every child gets personalized attention from the tutors, such as they may not be getting in the mainstream school. Our tutors keep a keen eye on subject areas that may be giving problems and then pay more attention on them. Algebraic equations, Pythagoras Theorem, Physics etc, may be difficult, but our tutors go through them easily with the child, until they are understood.

The ages of children who are eligible

We classify children in two groups based on their ages. The Saturday school in Enfield groups them from ages 5 to 11 and from ages 12 to 16. This ensures that the relevant topics are taught to the right group of children

Our registration process and pricing

When you register your child, you are required to fill out a standing order which states that the fees for the child will be paid on the first of every month. This requirement ensures that there is continuity in the tutoring of the child. It is a commitment that will bring out the best in the child and the tutor.

The fees are also different for children in different age groups. However, the changes are very small. WE require a deposit when you are booking the child, and if you cancel, then the fee is forfeit. We encourage parents to keep the children at our Saturday school in Enfield and the results will be fast and pleasing.

Success is guaranteed

When you look at the testimonials of parents and children who have been through our Saturday school in Enfield, you realize that the success of your child is assured. WE have always been able to bring out the best in all children, no matter how much challenge they may be feeling when they join the Saturday school in Enfield.

The next step

Get in touch with our admissions desk or the administrator of the Saturday school in Enfield and book a place for your child. We keep our classes small so the child can get the personalized attention from the tutor that will bring the results you want. The child is bound to succeed and you shall be quite pleased with the result. Call us now for more information about our center. You may also come with your child for a tour and see just how we run the Saturday school in Enfield.