Zion Tuition – Your Local Tuition Specialists

We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

Anybody who has every had a challenge understanding Math or Science can understand why Zion Tuition started a center to give the best English, maths and science tuition in Hackney. The center follows a model that helps a child patiently to understand the topics that are proving to be difficult. The administration ensures that the teachers and tutors are the best in mainstream schools, and a top vetting process is done before teachers are included in the staff. This means that your child will get the best tutoring if you let him or her join Zion Tuition.

Who is Zion Tuition?

This is a center that was started more than 12 years ago to give top quality English, maths and science tuition in Hackney. Ever since, several children have gone through our tutoring and gone on to perform very well, even up to college level. You only need to read some of the testimonials that we have been given as feedback, in order to understand just how well we do our tutoring.

High school students are now getting merits in mathematics, where they never used to before. A small girl who had lost her prowess in mathematics, is suddenly back to getting top scores in the subject. This means that we must be doing well in helping children overcome their challenging topics.

How do we do it?

We start off by dividing the children into 2 groups:

Children of ages 5 to 11
Children of ages 12 to 16
This is so that we follow the curriculum of mainstream schools. After they have been grouped, we arrange them in small classes so they can get personal attention from the tutor or teacher when required. Every child is analyzed at the end of the month, and all problem areas are given personal attention by the teacher or tutor. This way, the child will overcome the problem topic and start to excel in the subject. This is how we have become the best when it comes to English, maths and science tuition in Hackney.

How to register your child

Start off by booking a place for your child, since we only take few children in every class. Once you book, make a non-refundable deposit of 25 pounds to confirm the booking. Come with your child the following Saturday and complete the registration.

You will be required to sign a standing order form so you can pay fees on the first day of the month through a Sort Code that you shall be given. The fee that you pay will cover all the learning materials that the child will use. If you decide that you want to cancel the booking, then we shall keep the deposit that you made.

If you register in the middle of the month, you will have to pay by card and not standing order. Call the administrator in order to get details on how to go about this.

Why not give your child world class English, maths and science tuition in Hackney? Go right ahead and make your booking now.