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We offer tuition classes for children and teenagers in Maths, English and Science

It is quite normal for a child to start experiencing problems in some subjects, especially when going to higher classes. It is not easy when you start learning complicated calculus when you were used to simple equations. It is for this reason that Zion Tuition started the best English, maths and science tuition in Barnet that you can find. This is a center that has been helping children to excel for more than 12 years. Your child may now benefit from the knowledge and experience of the teachers and tutors who have worked there over the years.

What to expect

The children will be grouped into two separate groups, and these are:

  • Children aged from 5 to 11 years.
  • Children aged from 12 to 16 years.

This is so that we follow the same structure that you find in mainstream schools and follow the same curriculum.

You child will also be given the best attention by the teacher or tutor. This is one of the reasons why we register small classes. This helps the teacher to have small group sessions with children who are finding a challenge in certain topics. At the end of every month, the children go through careful analysis to identify problem areas and more effort can be placed there by the teacher.

You should also expect to see tangible results within a very short period. We liaise with mainstream teachers and find out how the children are performing after our sessions. Teachers also call parents and update them on this improvement. This is why we get such wonderful feedback from parents, children and teachers too.

How to register your children

As mentioned above, the classes are small, so we encourage you to book a place right now. When you book, we will require that you make a small deposit of 25 pounds. After booking, you can come to our center and register the child on Saturday. This will be the first step in getting the best English, maths and science tuition in Barnet for your child.

When you register, you will be expected to fill in a standing order form so that all fees are paid on the first day of the month. The registration fee will cover all exercise and text books that the child requires. If you decide to cancel the booking, then you will not get the deposit back.

We encourage you to let your child have the continuity that will bring success at the end of the sessions. You are investing in the future of your child, so giving the best goes without saying.

Success stories

Going through testimonials from people who have been through our English, maths and science tuition in Barnet, you will see that your child will truly get the best. We want you to also give a success story of how your child started performing better at school because of our tuition. Do register your child right away and give them a fighting chance at a better education.